The Wrong Station

Modern horror for a dying world


After the funeral, a man and his mother dig through his late father’s effects. But she’s keeping something from him: a repulsive secret with the power to hurt the one person he holds most dear: his daughter.

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The mill was closed for the season; the lights shouldn’t have been on. A team sent to investigate finds nothing. As the temperature drops, it becomes clear that they’ll have to stay overnight, and Someone is watching from the woods.

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A group of tourists find themselves lost in a foreign city, and hemmed in by surroundings that shift every time they look away. Only too late do they realize: if they cannot escape, the city itself will pick them off, one by one.

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It all started when…

A black stone washed up from the sea. A hand unfurled, revealing a tiny, headless man. A shuttle landed on a series of far comets, finding on each one an ordinary bathroom mirror and a burned doll. An ape learned to manufacture fishing hooks from the ribs of its friends. A crypt was violated, without explanation. A young woman gave birth to a book, on which were written names that burned their readers’ eyes. These are the moments when it started.

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“You may wish to adjust the dial. You’re currently listening to... the Wrong Station.”

Wrong Station takes its inspiration from classic 1940s radio horror broadcasts like Quiet, Please and Lights Out.

From the moment the haunting piano theme fades out, each story is told to you, personally, by a narrator with something to hide, or something to confess.

It could be a story about an abandoned house on the street where they grew up, about Something they saw in the water during their time on a fishing boat, or about an impossible encounter they had along a bad stretch of road. Whatever the event, you, the listener, are a part of the story. You’re involved– even, complicit.

Averaging 25 minutes a show (the ideal length), Wrong Station employs minimalist production to put story and the human voice first. Wrong Station is performed in the too-soothing baritone of Anthony Botelho, along with a rotating cast of Toronto’s best young voice-acting and theatrical talent.

Wrong Station uses a classic radio format to tell stories about the world Now. In a time where the crimes and mistakes of the past re-emerge to horrify us, a show that grapples with our horror of the past, and our hope that it can be overcome, has never been more relevant. It’s no wonder thousands of listeners download every episode.

Wrong Station premiered in 2016, and releases new episodes every other Sunday. Its 4th season will launch in October 2019.

The Wrong Station can be found on facebook, twitter, and instagram at @TheWrongStation

The Creators

Wrong Station is an anthology horror podcast created by Anthony Botelho (@AJVBotelho) and Alexander Saxton (@AEWSaxton), written and produced by Anthony Botelho, Alexander Saxton, and Jacob Duarte Spiel (@JacobBRDS).

What People are saying…

Wrong Station makes me feel like I’m around a campfire and listening to spooky stories waiting for someone to scream.

- Audiodramarama, “50 Best Audio Fiction Podcasts of 2018”

Perfect for listening to at night, alone, lights off, under the covers, the doors bolted shut.

- Lifewire, "The 17 Best Horror Podcasts of 2018"

This podcast is brillantly written and performed, and is absolutely chilling in so many ways, from downright scary to even contemplative horrors. 

- Map-le, iTunes review

@TheWrongStation the rat story was raw af 😬

- Cowardly Twitter user